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Here are some background page sets that I've made. Feel free to use any set you'd like on your site however DO NOT link directly to any of the images, you MUST transload all images you plan to use from the sets. I will be adding more as time goes on, so check back often. Note: Almost all the backgrounds of the image sets are transparent, which means you can use any solid background color you'd like. I used black for most of them but you might want to use another color.

  • Blue Set
  • Blue Set 2
  • Gold Set
  • Green Set
  • Pink Set
  • Purple Set
  • Red Set
  • Japanese Set
  • Colored Balls Set
  • Smiley Set
  • Vampire Set
  • Alien Set
  • Butterfly Set
  • Tinkerbelle Set
  • Fairy Set
  • Heart Set
  • Egyptian Set
  • Dragon Set
  • Skull Set
  • Celtic Set
  • Simpsons Set
  • Garfield Set
  • Pikachu Set
  • Pink & Blue Set
  • Flower Set
  • Purple Jewel Set
  • Safire Jewel Set
  • Emerald Jewel Set
  • Ruby Jewel Set
  • Blue Butterfly Set
  • Faeries Set
  • Fall Dragons Set
  • Blue Unicorns Set

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